For a long time, I was seeing the smiley face instead of the number of tabs in my chrome web browser. The reason is that more than a hundred tabs are always open on my phone.

After finding a new article or video while reading an article and browsing social media I didn’t turn back to those for a long time. Each one was very important to me because I felt great pain when I accidentally closed 150 tabs in the last months. However, even though if it has been a year, I still didn’t open them. When I open that tab, I think I automatically get the information. A conference I attended these days hit me hard on how insufficient I am. I found it appropriate to start with chrome tabs, which are the symbol of my laziness. I have read the article on the first tab and want to share it.

In the publication of Co-culture systems and technologies: taking synthetic biology to the next level, the role of co-culture systems in synthetic biology was emphasized along with mentioning general information about the co-culture systems.

While cell-cell interactions are one of the most important factors for metabolism in vivo, it seemed unreasonable to use one type of cell in traditional cell culture experiments. In the optimal model, I think, organ-specific microbes and immune cells should be present too. Arva Özkan, Ph.D.student, told me about the co-culture systems during my internship in the laboratory last summer. This publication has been waiting for me to read since then. I am relieved now. I’m happy that I know more about co-culture systems, but I’m even happier that maybe I might have taken the first step to breaking down my laziness. Who knows?

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