Every day I make mistakes. Today’s lucky was the internal medicine rotation exam. Some of them deeply affect my future and some have no significance at all. With each mistake whether it is significant or not I am becoming another person.

When I think about my high school years I see many things that I could have done differently. Today would be different if I didn’t make those mistakes but still I am not mad at that kid. I know he did his best. I forgive him for his mistakes.

Yet I am doing wrong things somewhere again. This time mistakes will determine how will I live, who will I be. At this part of life where I have to decide what I want to do with my life, I should be careful. I forgave that kid once but I am no longer a kid and not sure if I can forgive myself a second time or will be ready for consequences.

But still “can you forgive me somehow?”

“All the World Is Green”-Music

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