Tumors Build Their Niche

I loved this one. Great article from Meritxell Huch and Emma L. Rawlins. Here are the important parts that I read and my thoughts on them:

-“…the expression of genes involved in the tumour’s Wnt signalling pathway
decreased, and the number of tumour cells was significantly reduced.” I find signalling pathways very interesting. I am also planning to write about Wnt and NF-κB so far.

-“Small-cell lung cancers are derived from neuroendocrine cells, which respond to Notch during normal embryonic development.” Just WOW. When I read these, I started to think about implicating this point of view to my studies. So, if I am doing research on glioblastoma I should better know the signalling pathways involved in brain formation.

Here is the link of the article: Tumors build their niche

And I wish one day I can find a chance to meet Meritxell Huch.

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