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With the end of my 2nd year at medical school I was determined to spend this summer efficiently. Therefore, I joined Assoc. Prof. Filiz Bakar Ateş’s laboratory for 6 weeks.

This laboratory, which works with many different tumors and healthy tissues, is developing novel drugs and apoptosis is one of the main topics of the laboratory. When I asked my professor what I could read before the internship, she sent me the publication “Apoptosis In Cancer: From Pathogenesis to Treatment” and realized that I didn’t know anything, even though it was a basic topic. After this my internship has begun as well as experiments.

I participated in cell culture experiments for 6 weeks. I watched and participated in cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays. During these studies, I learned about fluorescence microscopy, Muse Cell Analyzer, and Real-Time PCR.

In our cell culture experiments in Van, my professor mentioned that we should also work on healthy tissues, but we didn’t. Frankly, it seemed to me as really hard, but in this internship, I learned that healthy cell lines can and should be used to increase the value of a study.

After this 6-week period, I decided to do another internship, and after my internship that ended on Friday, my 6 Weeks At Hematology started on Monday.

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