The semester I spent at Ankara made it possible to go to many events. I enjoyed all of them very much, especially the Winter Night Songs concert of the State Opera and Ballet was great.

The thing I want to share is something simple but I didn’t do because of laziness: reading the backgrounds of what I will listen to before going to the concert. I wasn’t guessing it would make so much difference. I read the background from the booklet before listening to Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. I read that when instruments suddenly stop is a reference to the moment of Egmont’s head cut off and I started to wait for it with excitement. Suddenly, when there was silence, my excitement peaked and my whole body was burning.

I think if I listened without reading it would not have had much effect. As I think about it, I feel sad about what I might have missed before. Regardless of what I am doing, regardless of the result, knowing what I am facing with every detail increases my pleasure. Same goes for experiments 🙂

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